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Winter 2014 ICT Educator Conference

January 6th-7th, 2014
Coming Together to Improve ICT/Digital Media Education and Workforce

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HI-TEC 2014 is July 21st - 24th, 2014 in CHICAGO

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Midwest Regional Cyber Defense Competition Community

The fall CSSIA Cyber Wars registration will be open August 1st, 2014.

CSSIA Featured in iStream (League for Innovation) Project Highlight

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National Cyber League

High School Network Competition

Project Centers

CSSIA is committed to serving the needs of the higher education academic community in the areas of curriculum, faculty development, cyber skills competitions and underrepresented outreach. The CSSIA affiliate and project center partnership programs are available to support these efforts.

The CSSIA Affiliate program concept is simple. An affiliate may use CSSIAs logo in printed and electronic form. Affiliates benefit by receiving faculty training, program development opportunities and various toolkits with the goal of continuous improvement of their cyber security, virtualization and storage programs. As resources are available, affiliates may also request services such as CSSIA Virtualization Datacenter (CVDC) lab access for faculty lab evaluation, CAE2Y program mapping and guidance to participate in cyber skills exercises. These opportunities and services are offered to affiliates at free or reduced costs as resources are available.

The CSSIA Project Center program extends the affiliate program with the objective of greater dissemination of program improvement objectives. Partners may participate with CSSIA in the sharing and dissemination of resources to the academic community and collaboration with CSSIA to host faculty development opportunities using CSSIA’s course registration systems and their own or CSSIA’s Virtualization Datacenter (CVDC). Partners are encouraged to share their resources as available to assist other academic institutions in program improvement and work with CSSIA to develop and disseminate best practices for cybersecurity and related program development. CSSIA also supports the VMware IT Academy ™ and EMC Academic Alliance ™ programs in facultytraining and support capacities.

Lead CSSIA and NISGTC Institution

Moraine Valley Community College

9000 W. College Pkwy
Palos Hills, IL 60465-0937

Online Learning, Articulations and Graduate Programs

University of Illinois - Springfield

One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703

Faculty Development Training Center

Madison Area Technical College

1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI 53704

CSSIA Awards

CSSIA Partnerships

The University of Illinois at Springfield Computer Science Department is offering Graduate Credit for College Teachers participating in the CSSIA Train the Trainer Classes.

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National Information, Security, and Geospatial Technology Consortium (NISGTC)

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2014 Cyber Defense and Disaster Recovery Conference

University of Illinois at Springfield

March 14, 2014

Topic:  Issues Surrounding Distributing Storage

CSSIA Partners with the NDG for Cybersecurity Lab Content Distribution and Virtualization Deployment.

Other CSSIA Partnerships

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